Monday, 9 May 2011

Caerphilly`s Cultural Olmpiad project has a name... Awen

Why call it Awen?

The inspiration for the Awen project, is Caerphilly Castle and Awen is a Welsh word for "(poetic) inspiration". It is historically used to describe the inspiration of bards in the Welsh poetic tradition. Awen appears in the tales of Taliesin:
Taliesin began life as Gwion Bach, a servant to the enchantress Ceridwen. Ceridwen had a beautiful daughter and an ugly son named Morfran , whose appearance no magic could cure. Ceridwen sought to give him the gift of wisdom as compensation and cooked a potion granting inspiration (Awen), which had to be constantly stirred and cooked for a year and a day. A blind man named Morda tended the fire beneath the cauldron, while Gwion Bach stirred. The first three drops of liquid from this cauldron would give wisdom; the rest was a fatal poison. Three hot drops spilled onto Gwion's thumb as he stirred, and he instinctively put his thumb in his mouth, instantly gaining wisdom and knowledge.
It also appears in the third stanza of Hen Wlad fy Nhadau, and as part of the inscription on the impressive Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff.
Arts Development have devised a whole host of innovative arts activity, which will engage, inspire and motivate young people to create a wealth of artistic and cultural work in a variety of art forms, celebrating the history and culture of the borough, castle and the people of Caerphilly.

Radio Wales broadcast May 2011

Some may find this interesting...

Radio Wales visited the Castle on May 2nd to interview various people taking part in an event held at the Castle on that day.