Friday, 26 March 2010

Well Easter is nearly here and for many people its time for a welcome break.... So after a heavy days` shopping on Friday and watching your favourite sporting event on Saturday , why not visit Caerphilly Castle on Sunday 4th and Monday 5th April where you will be able to see our might siege engines in action and siege warfare displays brought back to life by members of The Company of Chivalry and the Bowman of the Rose.

Normal admission prices apply and for those of you that have not been to the Monument in the past 6 months , the Inner East Gatehouse and the De Broase gallery are now open, so there a great deal more Castle to explore, you will be able to go out on to the highest point and have a 360 degree view of Caerphilly and the surrounding area, stand in the Great Chamber where Lords and Kings once slept, walk along the gallery where servants would of scurried along for their Lords and Ladies and it`s here only a few weeks ago filming with Matt Smith the new Dr Who himself took place.