Monday, 12 September 2011

Dragons and Wizards

Twerlin the Wizard and Alchemy with their Dragons at the Castle on 10th September.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Monday, 5 September 2011

Open Doors and the BBC Proms

September the 10th .

Free admission to the Castle as part of the Civic trust of Wales open doors event.

Come along and see Fiery Jack, Alchemy with their Dragons, the Monmouthshire Ministrels will be performing in the Greathall and see highlights of Illuminata 2010. Lots of fun in town and in the evening the BBC Proms comes to town, and tickets are still available on 02920 880011 or on the night.

Dr Who. The Tardis has landed

The Tardis has landed at the Castle, and will be here until 12th September , come and get up close , dont forget your camera!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Big Cheese 2011

This weekend is the Big Cheese here is a run down of whats happening with the Cultural Olymnpiad and AWEN project here in the Castle.

Literature Workshop
TV and radio performance poet Mike Church will entertain and entrall the audience through a mixture of
performance and comedic poetry. Following his performance, people of all ages and abilities can take part in a free
fun and informal poetry workshop to explore their creative side.

Caerphilly County Youth Theatre have devised a performance: Shakespeare's Ghosts' that introduces characters from
various plays from comedy to tradegy. The scene is set at a banquet table, where seated are various ghosts from Shakespeare
The castle ruins provide an excellent site for this entertaining experimental theatre piece

Ceramics workshops
Saturday morning come and create cauldrons and beakers, using pinch pot and coil techniques
Saturday afternoon create Gargoyles and hunky punks
Sunday sessions involve chivalry, heraldicshields and protective talismans
All using self hardening clay so you can take home your art work

Textile workshops
Watch the birdy!
Feeling down and need to chirrup?
Come join textile artist Becky Adams and make your very own feathered friend!
Make your own beautiful decorative birdy inspired by the many birds that hop about the castle.
Lots of fun and all materials provided - scraps of fabric, found ephemera, stitch, buttons and glue!
All ages and abilities most welcome – fold an origami bird or sew a fancy fabric one!
Tweet tweet!

Banner Making
Santurday 11am-1pm and 2-5pm: Land Stories; a thousand threaded whispers like streams, in time shapes the land
Capture ribbons of spoken words that rise from the castle walls and blow all around us on silk in print blocks, script, stamps and point
Sunday 11-2pm: Bring our land stories to life and showcase through movement around the castle grounds

Flags and Dome D├ęcor
To follow

A demonstration of Samba by the Caerphilly Samba Band, followed by a chance to get involved.
Practise your rhythms and join our carnival procession

Community Choir
The community Choir will be singing their especially written composition 'The Green Lady' amongst others.

Film Preview
Specially made for the Cultural Olymnpiad and AWEN project. Inspired by the Castle and made by young people from the Islwyn

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Big Cheese 2011

July 30-31st
Caerphilly Castle

With the countdown to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games underway, the heart of the castle will present two days of arts activities and performances as part of the Cauldrons and Furnaces project for the Cultural Olympiad in Wales.

This year’s Big Cheese will also see a celebration of poetry and sculpture, film, dance, music, drama, and more- created by the people of Caerphilly County Borough in a festival of the wealth of vibrancy and culture of this region of South East Wales.
Organised through Caerphilly Arts Development and incorporating work from schools, colleges and community groups, this event is just one of many events organized to celebrate Caerphilly’s cultural life.

There will be performances from the prestigious Caerphilly Youth Theatre, the illustrious Community Chorus, local dance troupes and samba bands as well as the premiere of our Castle inspired film project amongst others. You can also get involved in textile arts and ceramics workshops as well as carnival workshops where you can make flags, banners and masks for the carnival procession, all inspired by the incredible monument that is Caerphilly Castle.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Big Cheese

The Big Cheese takes place from 29th to 31st July, Cauldrons and Furances will be there with lots of activities taking places.....I`ll post more info asap.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Caerphilly`s Cultural Olmpiad project has a name... Awen

Why call it Awen?

The inspiration for the Awen project, is Caerphilly Castle and Awen is a Welsh word for "(poetic) inspiration". It is historically used to describe the inspiration of bards in the Welsh poetic tradition. Awen appears in the tales of Taliesin:
Taliesin began life as Gwion Bach, a servant to the enchantress Ceridwen. Ceridwen had a beautiful daughter and an ugly son named Morfran , whose appearance no magic could cure. Ceridwen sought to give him the gift of wisdom as compensation and cooked a potion granting inspiration (Awen), which had to be constantly stirred and cooked for a year and a day. A blind man named Morda tended the fire beneath the cauldron, while Gwion Bach stirred. The first three drops of liquid from this cauldron would give wisdom; the rest was a fatal poison. Three hot drops spilled onto Gwion's thumb as he stirred, and he instinctively put his thumb in his mouth, instantly gaining wisdom and knowledge.
It also appears in the third stanza of Hen Wlad fy Nhadau, and as part of the inscription on the impressive Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff.
Arts Development have devised a whole host of innovative arts activity, which will engage, inspire and motivate young people to create a wealth of artistic and cultural work in a variety of art forms, celebrating the history and culture of the borough, castle and the people of Caerphilly.

Radio Wales broadcast May 2011

Some may find this interesting...

Radio Wales visited the Castle on May 2nd to interview various people taking part in an event held at the Castle on that day.